September 8, 2005

Converting DOS->Unix line endings in Emacs

C-x RET f then unix. I suspect dos would work to go in the other direction but I haven’t tried it. This is under Emacs 21.4.

September 6, 2005

Restoring the ROM on a Zaurus SL-6000L

WARNING: This post discusses fun and games with a fairly pricey PDA. You could very well ruin your PDA, your computer, your hands, or the planet’s magnetic fields by following any of these directions! Continue at your own risk.

I had installed OpenZaurus but it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Specifically, my wireless would frequently die after a suspend. So I wanted to go back to the original Sharp ROM.

This can be an easy task, though I spent days on it. Check out some links from the OESF forums:

Also you’ll need the actual Sharp ROM.

My basic procedure: 1. Make sure you’ve got an empty, FAT16, single partition CF card. I don’t think this will work with SD. You’ll need something bigger than 32MB too, in my experience. 2. Why don’t you go ahead and make sure you’ve got AC power plugged in. 2. Unzip all the files in the above zip file to the card. Mind the case! 3. Hold down Q and T on the keyboard. With those two keys still depressed, press the reset button on the back of the unit with the stylus. 4. Release the reset button. The mail and battery lights should come on and stay solid. 5. After a while (may seem like a long time; take a smoke break, get a cup of tea, etc.) the lights should all turn off. Press the reset button on the back again.

Hopefully you’ll power on to a nice new Sharp ROM. Unless you’re like me and the mail/charge lights keep blinking at you. This means “I don’t like your CF card,” apparently. Someone in one of the above forum posts had the same problem. I started doing this with a Kingston Elite Pro 512MB card. That gave me dual blinky lights forever. So I switched to an old Kodak 128MB card I had laying around. That gave me solid lights, and a good Sharp ROM.

One other note: you don’t need an However, I suspect you have to the use Q+T+reset method to flash back to the Sharp ROM, as opposed to doing Power+OK and selecting a CF upgrade. The latter of those methods almost certainly requires an