August 18, 2004

Using the built-in modem on a T40 in FC2

Using the directions described on this IBM on the T40 page I was able to get my modem working, and I indeed have an untainted kernel on my T40 still. I’ve made a package for slmodemd in FC2 using ALSA that should make it as easy as service slmodemd start and such. SRPM also in that directory.

Keywords: IBM Thinkpad T40 Fedora Core 2 Winmodem modem slmodem

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  1. August 18, 2004
    Dean said...

    Ok so I can’t figure out how to send an e-mail without using html so I thought I’d do it this way.

    First off cheers for the link to those DD song man!

    I have a problem tho I can’t seem to open them as ‘ogg’ files. I’m pretty usless with this PC to be honest. Will I need to download something to play the files on? I tried opening them in my music match software but no luck.

    Any help much appreiciated!!

    Cheers buddy,