June 17, 2004

strongSwan userland RPM spec file, FC2 beyond minimal RPMs

An RPM spec file to for strongSwan userland (*Update*: check out this web log entry on strongSwan SRPM). I’m using this in FC2 (Linux 2.6) installs now, since the RPMs linked to by strongSwan are older than what looks like the current release. I do wish make rpm worked in packaging/redhat in strongSwan. Sort of. I also note that apparently SUBDIRS has special meaning when supplied on the command line/in the environment to GNU make, and I can’t find a way to disable this behavior. Update: I actually forgot to include the patch used in the spec file, and I’ve since powered off and stored the box that I was building on. To create the patch, unpack strongSwan, cd into the directory, and then something like cp Makefile{,.orig} && perl -pi -e 's/SUBDIRS/STRONGSWAN_SUBDIRS/g' Makefile && diff -u Makefile{.orig,} > strongswan-2.1.2-makefile.patch and copy strongswan-2.1.2-makefile.patch into your RPM SOURCES directory.

Also, a side note mainly for myself. The list of packages I like to install after a minimal install of FC2: lynx elinks w3m screen cvs strace ntp ncftp vim-enhanced

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