June 26, 2004

Hunting the Mozilla focus bug

So I’ve decided to try and recreate my Mozilla focus bug and hopefully file some useful bug reports on it with someone or another.

I think Red Hat Bug 119160 is the same problem. I haven’t reproduced it in quite the same manner, but the effects of the bug he’s describing sound similar to the effects I see: things look like they’re focused, but they’re not. It has something to do with switching desktops, too (though not necessarily with a keyboard shortcut).

So I try to fire up Gnome and Mozilla on the Vaio desktop I’m still borrowing. It had a minimal install done on it, I think. I use yum to start shoveling packages onto the machine and get what I’m looking for. Two bitches. First, I had a similar mouse problem: MS IntelliMouse Explorer PS/2 on a KVM, mouse jumps all around. Doesn’t seem to matter if I switch on the KVM or not; I left the same port active for boot up and still had this problem. Except this time my fix (documented at http://www.codefu.org/weblogs/darkness/archives/000154.html) didn’t work. So I tried using psmouse.proto=bare and Option "Protocol" "auto" as I found somewhere out on the Internet. Now everything is working, except my scroll wheel, and I suspect the fourth and fifth buttons if I ever tried to use them. Fine with me, for testing, as long as the bug still occurs. Second bitch: why the fuck is /usr/share/applications/mozilla.desktop in the mozilla-mail package? I probably need to file a bug about this.

So I do a graphical login. Set up Sawfish as my window manager. My new procedure for doing this, I guess: gnome-session-properties, remove Metacity, “Apply,” close gnome-session-properties, switch to a shell elsewhere (VC 1, some SSH session in, whatever), DISPLAY=:0 sawfish &, switch back to X on the target machine, open an xterm or equivalent, killall sawfish; sawfish &, gnome-session-properties, set “Respawn” or whatever on Sawfish, “Apply,” “Close,” close everything I don’t want running when I log in, Panel menu->Log Out, check “Save Current Setup,” log out, log back in. Phew.

The result? https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=126798

Update 2004-01-22: Check out 3.8 and 3.9 in the Ion FAQ. From there you get to Mozilla bug 230097, and from there you get to Gnome bug 109246. So… maybe someone’s looking at this problem.

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