February 13, 2004

More fun with Resin+Cocoon (Lenya)

Here’s a tip: just set endorsed libraries for the XML stuff in Cocoon. Set it on your JVM. I couldn’t get much else working, and I tried a lot of permutations. You don’t need the Servlet classloader hack. See EndorsedLibsProblem on the Cocoon Wiki for more information.

ParanoidCocoonServlet might work too, really, but its warnings about mysterious ClassCastExceptions kept me away. In my testing it worked fine, but I didn’t feel comfortable going forward with it. This is probably something to test after you’ve developed your application; see if you can get away with it.

– darky, who is in over his head

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  1. February 14, 2004
    Betsy said...


    Can I please have a few tracks from the CD (or if you can, all of them)? I’ve become obsessed with The Artifact and the Living, Liquid Spear Waltz, Gretchen Ross, and Mad World. I’ve tried finding sites to download them, but I’ve had no luck. And then there are the songs I heard in the film but have no idea what their titles are.

    You’re my only hope. ;_;